Andrew’s Story
March 7, 2017

A New Day

A picture can set a tone, or a mood almost can’t it? You can feel mystery, intrigue, doubt, and even fear. We can look at a city skyline and see a beautiful city, it can leave us in awe, or create anxiety with it’s unknowns. What tone do you set? What do others see in you? Do you magnify hope in the way you present yourself, joy, determination, persistence, and faith? Or do people see intimidation, resentment, bitterness an envy? So many of us are going through struggles on a daily basis, we feel challenged at every corner, what’s next we seem to continually ask, and the defeated words can rear up, “why me?”

These are incredibly hard feelings to deal with, just as the ongoing challenge to be as healthy, and fit as possible. There can always seem to be problematic roadblocks in our way, diet setbacks, exercise problems with seemingly ongoing aches and pains, and our stress seems to overwhelm us most when we need to get get our most needed sleep.

Sometimes where we start, the detour, the next step, actually the first step sometimes, is our attitude. I am not simply talking about the “positive attitude” as much as our approach to our day, our “tone” in how we see the world, and how it see’s us. There are simple steps we can choose each day to help us through tough time, not magical things, just basic shifts in our tone, and approach to each new day.

Try these steps to set a new tone:

1.) Shower every morning and take one minute to stand under cold water, I know insane isn’t it yet it can create a new found energy, reset your immune system, and invigorate your attitude. At least you’ll start your day running! LOL

2.) No matter your occupation, or if it’s your day off, dress in a way that makes you feel awesome, the way you want to feel, and look, even if you don’t feel that way. Set the tone, and your attitude has a target to hit.

3.) Workout in some manner or form today, get your heart rate up, make exercise games if you must at work, people won’t know, how many stand up, and sit downs in your day can you do (squats), how far do you walk, can you walk; feet, yards, miles at work, I don’t know but be a road racer in your mind, know will know, and you get to WIN everytime!!!

Set the tone for the day, you have the choice, you are in control of your attitude, as you work through the challenges, and meet the struggles head on with the TONE of a champion.

You’re not faking it till your making it, you are thrivin as your drivin!


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